Thursday, May 17, 2007

What kind of exercise should you do?

Exercise is an important part of losing weight, especially if you have a slow metabolism. So what type of exercise should you do?

First of all, it should be safe. If you're out of shape or have any sort of disability, check with your doctor.

Walking is always good, but don't stroll, walk purposefully, as if you need to get somewhere on time.

However, walking is not enough. You also need more vigorous activity. There are three types of exercise:

  • Aerobic, which is more active and works your heart.
  • Isometric, resistance, or strength training, which uses weights or pressure to strengthen muscles
  • Flexibility or stretching, which stretches and tones muscles
People argue about which is best, but the truth is they're all important. A good exercise routine includes all three types of exercise. Many exercise videos combine all three types of exercise.

If you have a slow metabolism, you probably can't lose weight without exercising, so what are you waiting for?

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