Monday, May 7, 2007

Reason 3 for being overweight

It's time to get to the 3rd reason for being overweight -- slow metabolism/poor digestion. This is a very common reason for being overweight. It applies to most people over 30 or 40 (like me!), but also to some younger people.

It's possible to have a poorly functioning thyroid that creates this situation; if you suspect this, you should see a doctor.

Everyone has noticed that some people eat lots of food and don't gain weight while others tightly control what they eat and gain weight, or at least don't lose it. Everyone is different. In fact, for this reason, the often-stated "fact" that 3500 calories = 1 lb. makes no sense. Perhaps they did the study on 18-25 males. It certainly doesn't apply to me!

You need to eat the amount of food that's right for your metabolism. It can happen that your metabolism is so slow that this wouldn't give you enough nutrition. The main solution for slow metabolism is -- you guessed it -- EXERCISE!

Exercise raises your metabolic rate. It's that simple.

Poor digestion is another, more difficult issue. There's not a lot of understanding of this problem, but there are a few natural solutions. More about that later.

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